Astrology Coaching

Personal And Professional Astrology Based Coaching 

What might you achieve if you could positively harness the current planetary energies in play today and tomorrow?
Whenever a planet moves into a new zodiac sign, it brings it’s unique brand of energy into a new and different area of your life. 

For example, each year the Sun travels through every nook and cranny of your natal chart, shining a spot light for a full 30 days on a particular set of strengths and weaknesses. 

Venus offers you the chance to bring love, joy, beauty, and harmony into your life and relationships. That part of your life where she’s currently traversing, provides invaluable information about how this might best come about. 

By contrast, the planet Saturn spends up to 2 ½ years in a particular zodiac sign and as the result, one particular area of your life. This is a serious opportunity to slow down and concentrate on making your goals and ambitions a reality. However as is always the case with Saturn, if you fail to be honest and realistic about what is involved in doing that, this could indeed be a dark and challenging period. 

Have you ever shared a thought or idea with someone, only to have it completely misunderstood? Such is the power of effective communication, which we all know is a two-way street. But managing both your listening and speaking skills/style at the same time is never easy and to make it worse, if you aren’t integrating this with the current planetary energy that Mercury is bringing to communication, you might be surprised to discover that even your most genuine efforts at effective communication fall flat.

Stellar Solutions

Prior to this 60-minute ZOOM astrological coaching session, we’ll decide together upon which current planetary energy it would be most beneficial for you to focus.

Although this is a one-off session, many have benefitted from repeating it monthly or bimonthly in order to keep up with changing planetary energies and/or get in deeper touch with different parts of their lives.

Astrology Coaching Full Course

Using the skills learned during your initial reading Debra guides you through how to harness the opportunities that you will see over the coming year

One Off Session

One off session covering the basics of your chart and how to use your innate skills and traits to achieve your goals

Can be purchased as a gift
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