The Astrology Coach Courses

Astrology Courses and Readings to Access Your Authentic Self

Although your sun or 'star sign' acts like a lighthouse beacon to keep you safe during your life’s journey, it is your chart taken as whole - comprising an intricate dance between nine different planets, that maps the entirety of that journey. 
Aries craves an exciting challenge; Libra struggles to maintain balance and harmony. 
Pisces is driven to help all those in need; Virgo is ensuring everything is done right. 
Gemini is curious by nature; Sagittarius loves an adventure. 
Taurus searches for simple, practical solutions; Scorpio needs to get to the bottom of everything.
Leo takes centre stage like a natural born star whilst Aquarius keeps devotes himself to challenging the way things have always been done 
Capricorn takes responsibility in order gain recognition and respect; Cancer forges connections in order to feel secure and safe.

One off

Astrology Reading

Personalised Astrology Chart and Reading - also available as a gift
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6 sessions

Personal Branding

Discover you authentic self with tailored branding sessions, using your brith chart to access your authentic self 
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3 Sessions

The Art of The Relationship

Using astrology to help refine, reaffirm and redefine your relationships
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Although the Sun Sign columns in magazines and newspapers tempt us to focus superficially on some stereotyped traits associated with a particular zodiac sign, to believe that is all that astrology has to offer you would be a grave mistake.
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