Debra's Story

About Me

This is how I came to mix astrology and law. This has to do with my own Pluto Square Pluto and takes us back to the late 1980’s (such a long time ago now!). 

I’d developed a hankering to move from Boston to London, England and convinced my employer it was a good idea. Although initially I (naively) figured I could convince my (now ex) husband to go, it didn’t work out that way so I went to London and loved it but being on my own proved rather harder than I’d expected. 

In 1992, I left London and return to Boston figuring I could ‘fix’ my marriage. My (now-ex) had something else in mind. I refused to listen and by May of 1993 I ended up in the emergency room at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA where literally, I almost died. The next few months were the darkest of my life and circumstances were such that my only began looking for ways to return to Europe. 

In February 1994, I received a job offer (my old employer came through) in Amsterdam. I sought advice from Laurie Cabot, the official ‘witch of Salem (MA) about whether I should take it and she said she thought yes, but just to be certain, I should pay a visit to this astrologer, Karen Thorne. I didn’t know anything about astrology back then but went to the appointment with an open mind. 
Believe me, however, that I started to really pay attention when Karen asked me about what happened in May 1993.
As it turned out Pluto square Pluto – the first of my mid-life crisis transits - had hit full force that month whatever was past it’s sell-by date had to go and that was both Boston and my marriage. 
I In April 1994, in Amsterdam and in early 1995, I started studying astrology in earnest. The rest is history and yes, I still speak with Karen Thorne on a regular basis.

I have also undertaken training in coaching with Cambridge University and I am a fully accredited Coach and Astrologer, I use both these skills to guide my clients to clarity and balance.

Now living and working in Oxford with my husband, dog and cat I work remotely with clients all over the world, both for coaching and readings. I use this unique combination to really help you understand how to harness your innate sense of self and to achieve your fullest potential.
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