Mars in Aries - Fiery Times Ahead

September 22, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

From now until mid-November 2020, Mars, the red planet, is in his home sign of Aries. This suggests that you’re set to learn how easy it is to unwittingly provoke the ill-will of others. Do yourself a favour and practice one of the classic lessons that should hold you in good stead during this fiery time.

Lesson: Never appear too perfect.

Teaching: Sir Walter Raleigh was one of the most accomplished men at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. Not only was he a skilled scientist and magnificent sea captain, but he wrote beautiful poetry. His most outstanding accomplishment, however, was becoming one of the queen’s favourites. Sadly, this triumph Proved his undoing. After that, no matter where Raleigh turned, someone blocked his path. Finally, after a fall from grace, he faced the executioner’s axe.

Power and success will attract the envy of others and the more ambitious you hold yourself out to be, the more envy you attract. Unfortunately, power and success also has tendency to attract enemies. One of the best ways to avoid this problem, is to head it off at the pass and make it a point to constantly bathe yourself in humility. 

Not only will this deflect both envy and enemies, but it will ensure people like you all the more. No matter what people say, no one likes to see perfect, ambitious people gain success. Likewise, everyone loves an underdog. 

Risk: Play it too cautious and someone will try to take advantage.

If you could use some help interpreting and implementing this or any of the lessons to follow, let me know. We can work together to develop your perfect plan of action. Contact me to talk all things stellar

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