Emotional Intelligence

July 14, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Emotional intelligence (EI) is all the managerial rage, but it helps personal relationships as much as those in business. Although it takes time to build the EI skills/habits that will further your goals, you can get started right away by asking yourself three key questions:

  1. What are the differences between how you see yourself and how others see you? You won’t get far until these two are in harmony and without conscious effort, it’s unlikely that they will be. For example, most of us think that we’re good listeners but often this is not the case. The only way to know for sure is to ask and then process the feedback.
  • What matters to you? Feedback helps you choose what you want to improve. But ensure it also helps further your personal goals. Let’s say you’re told that you’re not as good a listener as you’d thought. If what you want is someone else to communicate more honestly with you, then consider how becoming better at listening can aid in accomplishing that.
  • What changes will you make to achieve your goals? If you’re working to become better at listening, then identify specific actions you will take to do this. Maybe it is to pause during conversations and check you understood what was said before replying. Practice makes perfect especially with EI.
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