Happy Birthday Cancer

June 25, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

A key strength of Cancer is her courage to overcome almost any challenge. Yet Cancer also knows that not every challenge is worth her time and effort. 

Sometimes things just don’t work out regardless what is done and so it is incumbent upon each of us to choose our battles wisely. For this, we need to determine what for us is of most importance because, like beauty, importance lies in the eye of the beholder. At the same time, there are doubtless a number of others whose lives will be changed as the result of any decision taken. 

This is where Cancer shines. Instinctively, she senses what’s at stake for everyone involved and better yet, her sense of timing is impeccable. Cancer knows that patience is a virtue. She also knows that to successfully tackle the challenge at hand, she’ll need friends and allies. There’s no one more astute than Cancer when it comes to sussing out where upon is buttered the proverbial bread in any situation.

Equally, there’s no one savvier than Cancer when it comes to advance preparation.  The best laid plans of mice and men may sometimes come to naught but poorly laid plans will never come to fruition.

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