Happy Birthday Capricorn

December 22, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Capricorn needs to find balance of power, a challenge she shares with her opposite, Cancer. But whilst Cancer strives to gain power within the family unit, Capricorn looks to the wider community. The problem comes when either Capricorn or Cancer believe that in order to have the power necessary to achieve her goals, she must exercise power over others. 

At the base of this belief is our Cartesian-ideal of duality. In other words, where there is a subject (‘I’) there must always also be a subject (‘you’) and so when 'I' (subject) do something (XYZ), that something must be done to someone in the sense that 'I do XYZ to you'. This promotes the winner/loser power dynamic which has been endemic in Western society for millennia. 

So what’s Capricorn to do?

Step into The Winner’s Triangle (Choy, 1990), the lynchpin of which is focusing not on others when exercising your power but instead, exercising it over yourself.

For example, when a colleague or friend isn't up to the job at hand, it’s perfectly normal to offer assistance. But there is a fine line between offering assistance and taking over the job – the former keeps you and your colleague or friend on an equal playing footing but the latter catapults you to position of ‘power over’. Even when you perceive you are genuinely only helping, there's still plenty of room to go wrong.

The reality is that power dynamics of winner/loser are insidious and according to postmodernists, this ‘discourse of power’ runs through both private and public spheres. For example, when someone is perceived by others to have authority – i.e. ‘power over’ – over them, without thinking they will usually behave consistently with social expectations – for example in the doctor/patient, boss/employee, or parent/child relationship. In such cases, The Winner’s Triangle can easily morph into The Drama Triangle, which is a whole other story and one that you, Capricorn, would be best to avoid.

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