Leo in Balance

July 29, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar
  • Leo needs to find balance by expanding her boundaries, a challenge she shares with her opposite, Aquarius. But while Aquarius concentrates on the group, Leo concentrates on the individual.
  • It’s not that Leo doesn’t care that others think her selfish, but like the sun the universe naturally revolves around her. 
  • Yet also in Leo’s nature (albeit often deeply buried) lurks a crisis of self-confidence. Paradoxically, the more self-confident is Leo, the more room she can make for others join in her bright, sunny space.

With confidence, you’re motivated to put in the necessary time & effort to reach a goal. Without it, you’re likely to give up prematurely or not get started at all.  To build confidence consider: (1) if you think you can’t, you won’t. Be realistic but don’t be a loser before starting the game, (2) you can’t go it alone. Losing teams may have stars, but fail to act as a team, (3) avoid becoming defensive or blaming others when things do go wrong, (4) anticipate setbacks. Go one step at a time.

The mythology surrounding Leo shows how, in practice, this works:

The Grail King is ailing and Perceval, full of his destiny, sets off to save the day. But Perceval is defeated because he lacks both compassion and an understanding of his goal. What begins as a vainglorious adventure ends in a life-long quest for self-understanding. Similarly, Leo may start out with a clear vision of his potential only to suffer disappointment. Finally, Perceval acquires the maturity to ask the right question ‘whom does the Grail serve?’ 

Perceval never got an answer. But it was enough that he asked the question.

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