Leo's Visionary Leadership

August 12, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Like so many Leos, those who are highly visionary are more likely to take leadership roles. But whether carrying the torch forward for a business, charity, book-club, or your own family, you won’t succeed unless you get your group members, at least in part, on board.

If folks don’t understand your strategy or think you’re not ‘walking your own talk’, they’ll likely give lip service to your vision and keep doing their own thing. Research suggests that you can remedy this by attending to three key concerns:

  1. Call on ‘team members’ to help shape your vision. This is neither ‘management by consensus’ nor a democracy. But it only makes sense that if you have a better understanding of the issues/concerns facing those on the ground floor, you’re better able to successfully construct an achievable vision.
  2. Make your vison relevant. If everyone understands exactly what’s in it for them, they’re much more likely to participate/cooperate.
  3. Don’t confuse vision with mission. You’re ‘selling’ a picture of tomorrow – this is what the future will look like with me at the helm – not the principles or moral beliefs underpinning it.  Some might be interested but most will not and besides, some might hold contradictory principles/beliefs.
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