Happy Birthday Libra

September 23, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

A key strength of Libra is social intelligence. She is innately aware of the motives and feelings of others. 

The reality is none of us live in a vacuum. Instead, we each function daily in a multitude of groups: family, friends, teams at work. Yet when we fail to appreciate that rather that being the simple sum of the constitute parts, the groups in which we operate are the product of complex interactions, than neither we nor our groups will be happy, much less productive.

Unfortunately, apart from his or her own skills, an individual superstar usually doesn't add much to team efforts. That’s because for any team to become winning team, the individual members must cooperate with one another and as well as to coordinate their performance and this becomes all the more difficult when any person(s) are allowed to dominate those efforts.

One of the most important lessons we can all hope to learn is that not everyone thinks and behaves as do we, nor should they. Not only does each individual have something unique to add to his/her team but also a winning team is more than a simple sum of its parts. How we each approach this reality has tremendous impact on the success of all our relationships, especially when it comes to teams and groups.

This is where Libra comes in. Instinctively she knows that to get the most from a team requires more than simply being a ‘team player’. It requires not only ensuring that each individual has equal time and space to deliver his or her contributions but also that he or she receives equal appreciation for those contributions. Luckily, Libra prides herself on being fair and in being such, is well-placed to work hard to ensure each member of her team transfers from an ordinary players, into a star in his or her own right.

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