Libra in Balance

October 3, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar
  • Libra needs balance in her relationships, a challenge she shares with her opposite, Aries. But well Aries emphasis is on ‘me’, the emphasis of Libra is on ‘we’. 
  • It's not that Libra doesn't care about herself but instead that she's often blissfully unaware what it is that she actually wants. For Libra, compromise and cooperation can be all too easy, her automatic default position.
  • But in reality, no one can be all things to all people and there's nothing wrong in taking care of yourself. If Libra learns to be bit more selfish, it's likely that all her relationships will improve.

At the heart of each of your relationships is first and foremost you connexion to yourself. Self- care can be daunting, especially when those who aren't able to practise it themselves label you as selfish.

But it's not so hard to achieve if you start small and work at it every day; (1) define self-care broadly to including more than just your physical health, (2) remove the word should from you vocabulary because you can't keep the focus on you when you're worried about the judgement of others and (3) give yourself a break and stop being your harshest critic.

The mythology surrounding Libra shows how, in practice, this works:

When asked by Zeus to award a golden apple to the most beautiful of three powerful goddesses, Paris knows that this is no ordinary beauty contest. Realizing that he will be at the mercy of the losers’ revenge whatever decision he takes come up, he diplomatically offers to split the prize. But Zeus demands a choice. That each of the goddesses bribes Paris with promised gifts should come as no surprise. It is also no surprise that each choice carries both advantages and disadvantages. So, stuck between a rock and a hard spot, Paris picks what appeals most and takes his prize, the hand of Helen of Troy, who unfortunately is already married. Thus commences the Trojan War during which Paris loses his life.

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