Good News! - The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

December 14, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Today, 14 December 2020, at 16:15 GMT we will enjoy a very important - and very potent - total solar eclipse. This is also a new moon and so heralds a new beginning for the next lunar cycle of 28 days (and beyond).

The eclipse occurs at 23 Sagittarius. This is important because the planetary host of this eclipse, Jupiter (planetary ruler of Sagittarius), is just about to move from Capricorn where he is weak and unhappy, into Aquarius where he is stronger and happier. 

As the result, whatever happens with this eclipse may start out on the wrong foot but then quickly take a turn for the better. Even more heartening is that shortly after changing signs on Winter Solstice, Jupiter comes together with Saturn. The conjunction of these two planets happens only every 20 years and as such, heralds a whole new era not only in each of our lives, but in the very fabric of society.

This eclipse is all the more potent because it falls on the South Node, or Rahu, the tail of the Dragon.

Although in modern astrology, the south node gets bad press, in classical astrology, the south node takes a more optimistic connotation, at least in with respect to evolutionary spiritual benefits. In classical astrology, the nodal axis is associated with the rise and fall of human fortune. So whilst the North Node is associated with expansion and rise, the South Node carries a sense of loss and diminishment. Naturally whether such increase or loss is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, remains a personal point of view. For example, if you’ve been saddled with a set of circumstances that have proven difficult and draining, you might be happy to be rid of them rather than discovering their influence to be on the rise. 

Nonetheless, it pays to be vigilant regarding things from your past sneaking up on you in order to bring you down. Right after this eclipse, Mars (action) perfects a dynamic square aspect to Pluto (destruction). This suggests that in relation to this eclipse, we might (1) initially expect an unexpected crisis (likely related with difficult people and/or events from your past) followed by (2) a sigh of relief - a reversal of fortune, so to speak, but probably one for the better. Don't forget that events related to any eclipse can play out from up to a couple months prior to the eclipse up to a year afterwards. 

If all that isn’t enough, shortly after the eclipse a very unhappy Mercury (in detriment and further damaged -burned - by being too close to the Sun) will move from Sagittarius into Capricorn (where he is happier). This reinforces the idea that if something perceived as negative does occur in relation to this eclipse, you’ll probably soon be getting some news/insight that the situation isn't as bad as at first, it seemed.  

Finally, remember, as noted previously, this eclipse is closely tied with that Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius coming with the Winter Solstice. Truly, this is the start of a new dynamic, a new positive era in all our lives even if it starts off with a bit of a setback. 

Where all this falls in you natal chart will give important clues as to how this may all play out for you as well as any of your natal planets it may make a connection with at 23 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, and of course, Sagittarius). 

If you’re interested in finding out more, why not book a reading soon!

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