Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

November 29, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

At 9:44 (GMT) on 30 November 2020, we will experience the first eclipse of the new season when the (full) Moon in Gemini passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow and for a moment in time, completely disappears. 

Astrologers view eclipses as a release of pent up energy that shakes us out of our everyday complacency so that we can get up and running again. But how it will play out in your own natal chart will always be a ‘wild card’. Interestingly, the effects of this energy may take up to six months to play out. Think of it as lighting a long fuse!

Rest assured that wherever in your chart this eclipse occurs, events relating to the related area of your life will deliver some important truth that you need to acknowledge and accept before you can move forward.

Remember our minds like to play tricks on us and unwittingly, we often play along with this. As the result, we can convince ourselves of all sorts of unhelpful things - for example 'if only I could get 'such and such' or 'so and so', I will be happy and that the reason I don't have 'such and such' or 'so and so' (and thus am unhappy) is the fault of someone else'. With a lunar eclipse like today’s, you can expect important truths that you’ve unconsciously been hiding from yourself to come to the fore.

With every eclipse something ends and something begins. But whilst solar eclipses tend to offer new opportunities, lunar eclipses like this tend to bring final endings.

Some door will soon be closing in your life and you don't have much choice about it but still, this doesn't have to be negative. Remember the conventional wisdom that when one door closes, another opens and so being ready and open for this will most certainly help you on your way. To get a flavour of this, think back 18 years. All eclipses are part of a much longer Saros cycle that NASA carefully tracks.

If you’re interested in learning more how this might play out for you, why not book a reading and get ready in advance for the next eclipse in this new season, which will be a big one – a total eclipse of the Sun on 14 December 2020.

Those who decline to seize control of time will become its victim - do you really want to be amongst their number?

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