Astrology Readings

Detailed Astrology Reading and Solar Chart Preparation

Why waste more time and energy knocking on doors that will remain stubbornly shut when instead you can focus on those that are opening?
Throughout many millennia, men and women have been fascinated to learn about the futures. History is rich with examples of ‘divination’ ranging from Chinese bone burning to Egyptian Statues that would nod yes or no. But one of the most exciting ways to examine the future came with 20th century marriage of Jungian psychology with astrology.

Potent Predictions

This one-off 60 minute ZOOM session uses techniques essential to both classical and psychological astrology to provide you with a reliable road map of what lies ahead for you in the next 12-18 months.
It also offers you an opportunity to explore how best to use your new map.

Astrology Coaching Full Course

Using the skills learned at your initial reading Debra guides you through how to harness the opportunities that you will see over the coming years - 6 sessions

One Off Reading

Learn how the next 12 -18 months will affect you and how to fully take advantage of the right opportunities at the right time
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