Temperance/ Venus in Virgo

October 2, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

From now until the end of October 2020, Venus, the planetary symbol of love and relationship, will be transiting the zodiac sign of Virgo.

Contrary to popular belief, Venus isn’t so much about love for others as it is about love for oneself. In Virgo, she struggles with both. Venus attracts those who reflect back to her what she most values and if she values that which is negative, that's exactly what she'll get.

As Toni Wolff, Swiss Jungian analyst and close collaborator of Carl Jung, put it: 

The negative aspect of the mother is

mothering, anxious nursing and tutelage of the

object when the latter never needed it or no

longer needs it, lack of confidence in the latter's

strength and independence, and interference

with its development.

Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche

This suggests that due to unfortunate developmental issues, Venus in Virgo tends to focus on that which is wrong rather than that which is right. Such an approach not only drains her self-confidence but it puts her on edge. If the goal of Venus is to gain self-awareness through recognition from others, she won't get too far with cementing the positive relationships necessary to accomplish this if she is always anxious and interfering.

Resist the urge!

Develop temperance!

Most people tend to view opposites as binary. Through this lens, anyone (including yourself) who does manage to meet up to your exacting standards is good but all those fail, are bad. Such divisive thinking invites trouble. For example, for Venus in Virgo, the only alternative to her prudence is recklessness, and as the result she doesn't allow herself (or others) to pushing boundaries and develop.

The best way to avoid being pulled down this path is to cultivate powers of self-observation. If you feel compelled to judge and criticise yourself or others first stop, step back, and observe what’s really going on around you as if watching a story unfolding in a movie. If, after that, you have good reason to continue as planned, then go ahead. But if you don't, take a different approach.

If you might benefit from TLC with your relationships, help is close by.

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