Time for Adventure - Venus in Sagittarius

December 15, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Venus, the planet symbolising love and harmony as well as beauty and compromise, moves from Scorpio, where it is been embroiled in the steamy stuff of soap operas, into Sagittarius.

This is great news! 

Whilst in Sagittarius, the home sign of Jupiter, Venus promises to give us an exciting time. Even more exciting, Jupiter is just on the verge of moving from Capricorn, where he has not been happy, into Aquarius where he gives us a much-needed breath of fresh air. Venus is looking for love and harmony, and at last Jupiter is in a position to give these albeit not perhaps as you might have at first envisaged. 

Jupiter in Aquarius is clear-eyed and more or less bushy-tailed, at least when it comes improving difficult social situations. Jupiter in Aquarius has no end of whacky ideas how the world might turn better in this regard and in Sagittarius, Venus is likely to go along with these without much hesitation. No longer will Venus happily stew in her own passionate (and potentially vindictive) juices. Now she’s not only more than willing to lend a helping hand but also to be warmly welcoming.

The great sportswomen and travellers belong to this category. 

Toni Wolff

If over the last month, your relationships (especially those of a romantic nature), have stalled in a quagmire of bitterness and emotional manipulation, you can now look forward to a much lighter mood. Now, if you want to capture the attention of your beloved, take him or her out to sample the cuisine of some far-away place and keep the discussion focused on the adventures you'll be sharing together: foreign travel, sporting events, and maybe even a class or lecture on philosophy. 

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