A Breath of Fresh Air / Jupiter- Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

December 16, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Along with the Winter Solstice on 21st December (when the Sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn), we will also experience the beginning of a whole new era in the development and evolution of society and social structures, when Jupiter and Saturn come together by conjunction in Aquarius. This is important not only because this conjunction occurs every twenty years but also because the last time these two planets conjoined in Aquarius was in 1405, more than 600 years ago and with that, the Renaissance was born.

The takeaway point here is that this conjunction on 21st December isn’t just the start of a new 20 year cycle, it’s the start of a much longer cycle that because it heralds a collective shift that ushers in a long-awaited breath of fresh air. It's also highly likely that this new era will see some amazing developments. Consider all that the long-ago Renaissance has contributed to the way we now live.

This doesn’t mean that life will be perfect during this coming era, any more than it was during the one soon to be past. This also doesn't mean that this shift between eras will happen all at once. But it does suggest an increasing focus on throwing out the old, outworn ways of how we've been living to make way for something new and that we should get a flavour for the direction this is heading perhaps as early as January 2021. This will be an exciting change, there is no doubt of that: Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs that has two planetary rulers, Uranus (rebellion and revolution) and Saturn (preservation of the status quo). As you might guess, Saturn and Uranus do not make for comfortable bed-fellows: Saturn builds walls to defend and protect and then Uranus comes along and blows them up.

Aquarius is revolutionary in nature - trying out that which has not been tried before. Usually, Aquarius is not too interested in what will actually work but instead on more what theoretically should work – emphasis on the word should - Aquarius loves nothing more than to champion a new idea or ideal based on solely on his own view of the world. Aquarius can get very utopian about all this. Sounds great until you realise that the word ‘utopia’ literally means a perfect place that is nowhere to be found. Aquarius (fixed air) can also get very authoritarian about building his utopian dream whilst at the same time railing against authoritarianism in every other shape and form.  

What might we all expect from this new era? One of the themes will undoubtedly be technology. For those who think that after Covid-19, it will be back to business as usual, think again. Working from home (or as the Harvard Business Review puts it, WFA or Working from Anywhere) could very well become the ‘new normal’ supported by technological advances that at the moment may be considered too far out in left field. We might also expect an increase in the ‘insider/outsider’ political and social dynamics. This is because Aquarius is associated with the ancient myth of Ganymede, the water bearer, the beautiful mortal boy whom Zeus, king of the gods, coveted. After Zeus brought Ganymede to Mount Olympus to serve the gods, the poor lad found himself impossibly betwixt and between, no longer quite mortal but certainly not immortal either. 

What might you personally expect from this new era? The first step to understanding how it might play in your life, is to identify in which (whole) house part of your own natal chart this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction lands. As you may know, the natal chart is traditionally divided into 12 pie-shaped pieces, called houses, with each house governing one particular area of your life. For me, this upcoming conjunction falls in my 8th house, which traditionally governs debts and obligations (running both ways); perhaps I’ll be taking on more debt (although, I do hope not) or perhaps paying off debt (paying off the mortgage would be fantastic). The 8th house is also a place of collaboration. I might find myself working with a literary agent to launch publication of one or maybe more of the novels I’ve been writing. Equally, my husband (shared finances) might get a brand new (high-paying) job! These  - as well as any number of other things – could be in the cards waiting to be played out for me - but one thing for certain is that the way things have played out in this part of my life during the last 20 years, will be taking a whole new direction.

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