A Turning Point / Mercury Goes Retrograde

October 13, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Early tomorrow morning (14 October, 1:06 AM GMT), Mercury in Scorpio stations before turning retrograde during which time he slips back into Libra. On 3 November, US Election day (more on this as the time draws closer), Mercury again stations (in Libra) before turning direct and continuing on his journey through Scorpio.

Whilst in retrograde, Mercury is often blamed for everything that goes wrong – your train is late – your ZOOM session fizzles – your email is delivered to the wrong people and your car, well, of course it breaks down. 

While it’s true that Mercury rules travel, trade, and all forms of communication, just because he’s seen to be pedalling backwards through the sky does not mean that everything falls apart.

What it does mean is that things don’t fast forward as we might like and perhaps, for good reason. Consider the possibility that maybe that missed train gives you crucial time to reconsider something and as the result, you change your mind. Maybe that wrongly delivered email saves your job or your relationship because whatever it contained was, unbeknownst to you, set to land you in trouble.

Tradition has it that during a Mercury retrograde, you ought not to start new projects but instead finish up the old ones. Always good advice. Tradition also has it that Mercury retrograde is a good time to dig deeper into something because tradition also has it that with Mercury in retrograde, secrets start leaking out.

This means that you’re getting a second chance at dealing with some ‘unexpected’ information that came to light around the 7th of October (when Mercury opposed Uranus). Between then and 19 October (when Mercury again opposes Uranus), you’ll have the opportunity to set things right:

  • this is a turning point,
  • you do have choices,
  • keep your cool,
  • and use this energy wisely.

And, oh yes – the period during which Mercury stations before turning direct or retrograde is a very focused time – so you’ll want to stay particularly alert on the 14 October and 3 November. 

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