Trust No One -Venus in Scorpio

November 22, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Venus, the planet symbolising love and harmony and beauty and compromise, moves from Libra in Scorpio and for most of us, this is not good news.

Whilst in Libra, Venus promoted better than usual relationship dynamics but now the reverse is true. We're facing the steamy stuff of soap operas - spiteful gossip and subtly nasty innuendos not to mention emotional manipulation, revenge & betrayal. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it’s more like than not to be the case unless each and every one of us is vigilant and exercises self-restraint.

Venus in Scorpio is where love and magic wed and when the magic is good, it can be healing for everyone. But when the magic is bad, passionate encounters could become nasty if not downright sadistic.

This is because in Scorpio, Venus doesn’t do anything in half-measures; she approaches everything that she wants – sex and money and gender politics – very seriously. At all costs, she intends to win her game.

One Scorpio friend told me that she’d die for her passions and I believe her. However, having a good dose of Gemini in my own natal, or birth chart, if I were to come up against an all-consuming passion such as my Scorpion friend fancies, I’d run in the opposite direction. The truth is that we all address our passions in different ways and with Venus in Scorpio, this could get messy because it’s inevitable that we’ll all not agree.

In order to come through this period in one piece, when it comes to passions, trust no one, not even yourself. Question everything, rationally.

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