Gemini in Balance

June 3, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar
  • Gemini needs to balance the natural polarities of life, a challenge she shares with her opposite, Sagittarius. Both seesaw between the extremes, consciously affirming one side whilst unconsciously playing out the other.
  • It’s not that Gemini doesn’t care about being perceived as being ‘two-faced’ but that she thrives on multiplicity and diversity.
  • The problem comes when Gemini is forced to make a choice. She knows that the pendulum never stops swinging and that today’s solution will become tomorrow’s problem.

The mythology surrounding Gemini shows how, in practice, this works:

Remus is the ‘good’ twin because he does acceptable things and Romulus is the ‘bad’ twin because he doesn’t. Together Romulus and Remus accomplish great feats but they can’t stop arguing over who should be in charge. Finally, Romulus kills Remus in self defense. Flip sides of the same coin. Where the light shines brightest, the shadows are longest and, of course, it works in reverse.

Yet like Gemini, we cannot find success until we give voice to both our dark and light sides, at least according to Jungian psychology.

The image of God lodged in a creature of earth equals disunion with the divine. In Judeo-Christian traditions, Eve & the snake get blamed for this because the tree of knowledge gave us awareness of dichotomy (dark /light, birth/death). Paradoxically, it is such awareness that signals birth on earth.

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