Happy Birthday Sagittarius

November 23, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Sagittarius needs to find balance in the natural polarities of life, a challenge she shares with her opposite, Gemini. Interestingly, both thrive on multiplicity and diversity. But whilst Gemini often approaches this with the curiosity of a young child, Sagittarius tends to assume the attitude of the wise, old sage. Both can go overboard and herein the danger lies.

In many cases, Sagittarius approaches situations through the lens of having been to more places and seen more things than have most people. But it is important for Sagittarius to understand that although some will admire you for this, others will be annoyed, and still others will feel the instinctual need to compete. Often no one will leave quite as big an impression on others as will you, Sagittarius, not the least because you are usually so keen to share with others ‘how you would do it’ and ‘what you think’. 

If this sounds like you, at least some of the time, and you’d like to take a more enlightened approach (and enlightened is what Sagittarius is at its core, all about), then step back and pay closer attention when dealing with others. Be honest with yourself about whether or not the issue involved is one where you do have superior knowledge and even if you do, whether the issue is important enough to all involved for you to share such knowledge especially where you've not been asked.

If it is important to share, then try to approach the situation with what in business is known as the ‘growth mindset’, the centrepiece of which is to provide everyone involved an opportunity to have some say about how things might be done better and/or differently. Don’t forget to (1) be patient, as it’s possible that not everyone’s contribution will meet up to your expectations especially where you do have valuable experience and (2) practice what you preach. The emphasis is to create a ‘learn it all’ rather than a ‘know it all’ environment and the best part of this is that you may learn more than you think!

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