The Art of The Relationship

Relationship Astrology Coaching 

What might you achieve if you could positively harness the current planetary energies in play today and tomorrow?
We each have a natural style of relating. Unfortunately this often doesn't fit well with what we need from our relationships as well as what we expect from others. As the result, we choose the wrong partners for the wrong reasons.

When it comes to relationship, we project qualities associated from our own natal charts on to our partners so that we can play a a particular role that comes naturally. 

If you're happy in your relationships, great. If not, enquire today about how you can become happier.

Relationship Rescue

A unique mix of coaching techniques, astrological insight, and fun exercises, each session focuses on a specific are of your natal birth chart as it applies to your relationship style and needs.

Producing a single strong statement about what you want and need from your relationship and what you will do to ensure you get it.

3 - 60 minute zoom sessions

The Art of The Relationship

3 sessions covers all aspects of how to utilise astrology and coaching to rescue, remedy or refine  relationships
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