Feeling Good - Venus in Libra

October 28, 2020 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Today Venus, the planetary symbol of love and relationships, moves from Virgo into Libra. Finally, we can feel good about ourselves again. Even better, relationship dynamics across the board are likely to be feeling good too.

Or at least they will as long as you don’t try to make everything too perfect. That’s never how it works in real life, not even with Libra.

The problem is that we Westerners often fail to appreciate how little we actually understand about our human nature as well as the forces by which that nature have been formed. Suffice it to say that our philosophical inheritance is neatly divided between two difficult opposites: Hebraism focuses on what’s wrong and Hellenism focuses on what right. It’s all very well and good to focus on attaining perfection, as did the ancient Greeks. But never forget that there is always something that gets in the way and that something, which our western culture has inherited from the ancient Hebrews, is sin.

By mid-November, Venus will make a challenging square to the heavy hitter stellium Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn. This is a perfect time for deepening commitments that make you feel good, especially when you’re walking into them with open eyes. 

That brings us to ‘truth’, which is an important concept to Libra representing as she does, the scales of justice. Once the planetary energies of that heavy hitter stellium in Capricorn get involved, sticking with the truth becomes vital. If you try to try to sweep something under the carpet now to avoid it falling under scrutiny, it's likely to back fire, perhaps directly in your face.

Also, do yourself a favour and accept the truth about your relationships. Sometimes, no matter how much we might wish it to be otherwise, certain relationships - personal and/or professional - no longer are working out and if we're honest about it, there's not much chance things getting better. Use this energy of Venus in Libra to not only accept that truth about all your relationships - including that which you have with yourself, but also to put a diplomatic end to all those that need to go.

Finally, one last piece of advice: remember that when we talk to others about ‘truth’, we’re not always talking about the same thing. Perhaps that’s why when we try to put our finger on the ‘truth’, it always seems to slip away.

With Venus in Libra, be precise, logical, and define everything carefully in all your dealings with self and other. You feel good about yourself when you're honest and that's just the way it works in real life, especially with Libra.

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