Happy Birthday Virgo

August 23, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

A key strength of Virgo is temperance. She knows that overuse of any skill or strength can quickly turn it into a liability. 

Most people tend to view opposites as binary; if one is good the other must be bad. Through this lens, the only alternative to prudence is recklessness and if you’re impractical, you must also be unrealistic. Virgo knows such thinking invites failure. She also knows that even when not easy to achieve, avoiding extremes will always deliver the best answer.

For example, a caring person makes others feel valued and safe; this is good. But in never being pushed beyond their comfort zone, they are also  never encouraged to grow and learn; this is bad. By contrast, a  challenging person does encourage others to push their boundaries and this is perceived to be good.  But in times of stress, others may see this person as overwhelming, maybe even brutal,  and this thought not to be good.The best way to avoid being excessive in either direction, is to cultivate powers of self-observation.  

As soon as Virgo feels compelled to do something, she stops, steps back, and observes what’s going on around her, as if watching a story unfolding in a movie. If ‘all’s well that ends well’, she moves forward again but, if not, she takes a different approach.

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