Virgo in Balance

September 4, 2021 Author Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar
  • Virgo needs to find balance between chaos and order, a challenge she shares with her opposite, Pisces. But while Pisces slips into the fast running ‘flow’ of life and struggles to stay afloat, Virgo imposes control through routine and ritual.
  • It’s not that Virgo doesn’t care that others think her fastidious or critical, but she simply cannot bear things being out of place. 
  • The best way for Virgo to find balance in her struggle against disorder is to develop skills of moderation.

Although practicing moderation isn’t hard, it does require constant attention. Start by developing balance across four basic life principles : (1) what you do (job), (2) who you love (family), (3) where you’re headed (future) and (4) how you’ll get there (planning and managing change). Flesh out each one with your personal story and then honestly assess the ratio of time invested in each during the last three months. What will you change for the next three?

The mythology surrounding Virgo shows how, in practice, this works:

Although Persephone is betrothed to Hades, God of the Underworld, she prefers to remain a virgin, intact and self-sufficient. But one day, whilst Persephone is picking flowers in a field, the ground opens up and Hades appears, forcibly taking Persephone as his bride. Life wreaks chaos on the best laid plans of mice and men. Yet apparently random events do follow a pattern even when that’s not readily apparent. 

When faced with unavoidable change, Persephone decides to make the best of her situation and so as the wife of Hades, she becomes a powerful queen in her own right.

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